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7x01 Truth or Consequences

Yes, McGee was there too.

okay tbh this part of the scene always bothered me because

a) ziva came in with a bag over her head

b) she never looked behind or around her

c) mcgee didnt speak once


how did she know he was there???
like did they speak in between that commercial break after tony asks about her summer???


I always assumed that before they brought Ziva in, they’d threatened her…told her the situation; that there were two men in the room.

And when she saw Tony, she knew McGee would have followed his lead.

thats the only explanation i could think of

that she either assumed he was there

or her ninja senses alerted her to two people in the room

i mean it is ziva

she probably could hear his breathing and within five seconds calculated and matched it to mcgee’s

Ziva knows all. Obviously. No really, if Tony came it would only make sense McGee would go with him

Tony/Ziva + Tumblr quote posts (pt 1)


NCIS + text posts 4/?

this is not okay


NCIS + text posts 4/?

this is not okay


AU in which they run into each other in Europe

( I don’t know what’s this, but you can come up with something *wink wink nudge nudge* )


  • “From day one, she was part of this.” Her name was painted on a parking space from the first day she arrived. And the name on her dressing room was not a piece of tape. Now that she’s here it’s like, great, onward.”
    - Mark Harmon

NCIS 30 day challenge:

day 1 - favorite female character

    Ziva David / Cote de Pablo


|| This isn’t about bombs and ships anymore (x)