Let's pack a bag and load up the car. Set a course for nowhere and just drive. An open road, a good mix tape, and you by my side is all I need. Take my hand, wanna be nomads?

I always try not to post anything related to the new episode until at least Wednesday night. I didn’t even now about the 12 hour rule until a couple of days ago. And when I do post things I try to keep them under a read more and tagged as “spoiler/spoilers,” I thought everyone else, excluding the few that I always see that don’t, did this too until recently.

Sometimes I just avoid posting/reblogging anything related to NCIS until Wednesday night unless it is under a read-more or tagged. Other nights I just won’t go on Tumblr in order to reduce the urge to squeal about how fantastic the episode was. Sometimes I even untrack the NCIS tag and everything related to it, or I just look at everything that has been posted but I don’t reblog or post anything myself, but I like them instead.