Sometimes you need a little distance. Some days you need a good cry. Some things just aren't meant to be. Some where, out there, is a life that is waiting for you. You just need to keep carrying on, trudging through all the muck, never giving up, possibly breaking, but one day the skies will clear. The muck will be gone, and the pieces of you put back together, not the same but still whole. I'm looking for one day. Praying for one day. Clinging to the hope of one day. It's my life line. One day.

I always try not to post anything related to the new episode until at least Wednesday night. I didn’t even now about the 12 hour rule until a couple of days ago. And when I do post things I try to keep them under a read more and tagged as “spoiler/spoilers,” I thought everyone else, excluding the few that I always see that don’t, did this too until recently.

Sometimes I just avoid posting/reblogging anything related to NCIS until Wednesday night unless it is under a read-more or tagged. Other nights I just won’t go on Tumblr in order to reduce the urge to squeal about how fantastic the episode was. Sometimes I even untrack the NCIS tag and everything related to it, or I just look at everything that has been posted but I don’t reblog or post anything myself, but I like them instead.